photos: christopher verheyden (left) corey rankin (right)

In bocca al lupo is an Italian expression used to wish luck to those who are about to take an important step in work or life. Translated Into the wolf’s mouth, the saying encompasses the fragility one encounters in a lifetime of living and dying.

At the core of this installation is the moth, a metaphor for humankind and life—fragile, vulnerable and in constant movement.

In this immersive video installation I have tried to associate images with contrasting feelings, such as impotence versus strength, or real versus ethereal. The moth, captured making its last nerve impulses is juxtaposed beside cyclic waves of water. The blossoming magnolia represents the awakening of the senses while the soil is a reminder that we are made of nature and inevitably return to nature. The looped soundtrack sets the tone for this ongoing gesture of change within a lyrical and poetical rhythm.

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