In the immersive video acoustic installation See and Be Seen I wanted to re-enact the feeling of a surveillance setting —with computers, filtered masks, projectors and mini projectors and all black plastic contributing to the staged scene. I decided to set up in my studio space because it had the feeling of an enclosed, secretive room.

With this installation I filmed people in shopping centers and train stations, then edited with an X-Ray effect to maintain their own privacy. The video was speed up to imply a sort of community of compulsive behavior. The viewer is perhaps left feeling like they are watching all these people being filmed, almost replicating a sense of obsession, as a stage prior the voyeurism or detective attitude inspired by the crime television series, and then pondering about they own privacy as a social issue.

I staged the position of the participants for a clear view of the projection because intentionally the projectors are left lower in order to be seen. The colour blue and grey green is inviting the secretive feeling of the scene. The sound track is composed and sung by singer Inga Liljestrom, creating a sense of transition and connection between the installation and the states it suggests.

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