you - lost memory (video still), video installation dimension variable

These three installations aim to investigate the mutability of human perception and question the nature of life through the construction of interactive and immersive environments. Trilogy depicts three different passages of consciousness: Incubation, Lost Memory and Awareness. With this work I aim to conflate space, sound, image and subject by using video projection within installation environments. The primary subject of these installations is the moth, a metaphor for human kind and life seen as a fragile, vulnerable figure caught in a state of constant flux.

With You the existential passage of birth from inside the womb-cocoon is paralleled against the return to the void and the passage of life to death. You is a reflection of humanity trapped within a passive programmed life.
It is a commentary on the craziness of a consumerism society that has lost the memory of the value of its own existence lost in repetitive patterns of meaningfulness actions.

The installation depicts the moth’s heartbeat struggling to stay alive. In this video installation sound is very important. It is the device that creates the tone of the installation. The soundscape I am working with is composed of a combination of different rhythms, noises and music that correspond to the images that feature in the video through metaphoric association.

The installation is created with the use of a curved screen to incite expanded perceptive awareness in the viewer and a panel of translucent fabric that makes the images appear to float in the space, producing a sort of handmade 3D filmic effect. Mini-projectors, digital projectors and speakers are part of the environment fusing technology and art together in a physical way.

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