Techno Entheogen, 2015 is a techno acoustic shamanic installation, which mixes sounds, vibrations, frequencies, aromas, textures and geometries in response to different beliefs, cultures and habitats of a vibrant Brazilian identity. The artist defines Techno Entheogen as a ‘shamanic’ ritual from which the vibration and the sounds of the contemporary world expose the invisible. In this case the use of plants is not used for altering the state of consciousness as for the shamanic ritual but to create awareness of reality. The sound is a mix of urban and Amazonia ones where the magic and the religious rituals coexists together within different cultures (branco, Indio, negro) mixed with frequencies that make vibrate spices and aromas into a universal cacophony.

Thirty different size woofers hanging from a five meters ceiling – filled with herb and seeds - are mirroring the Amazonia forest surrounded by plants and roots that in this case are transformed into speakers as natural containers and electrical cords as channels for individual sounds. The acoustic composition starts with different voice and sound-recordings activating the memory of the converging of cultures present in Brazilian life. The final escalation of frequencies is a feast for the senses. The viewers are invited to immerse themselves by observing the seeds exploding, jumping and vibrating energetically. At the end of the show the audience stop walking trough the ‘techno- jungle’ while still feeling the effect of such an experience listening to the sound of seeds and leaves under their feet, spread all over the floor.

Techno Entheogen is a project based on the investigation of Pororoca wave’s phenomenon that is created when the natural “ meeting” of Rio Amazonia river flows with the Atlantic Ocean waters in the northern region of Brasil. In a way Pororoca reflects a wider exchange phenomena when two waters join together sea and sweet one, ocean and river, overseas land and habitat land, explorers and indigenous, Old world and New World.

Techno Entheogen discovers how the spiritual/esoteric and technological can intermediate together. To make this possible the artist created this installation with the collaboration of the shaman Paje’ Tobi Utuna and the sound designer Frado Monteiro.

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