photos: christopher verheyden (left)

Unpredictable is part of Marta Ferracin’s investigation into the autonomous vital energy embodied within both natural and artificial materiality. Her work explores how this embodied materiality can generate interactive, physical and sensorial responses and examines new energies and connections between everyday objects and human perception. In this work a group of fans populate the gallery floor. They fill the space with a buzzing noise similar to that of a bee colony, communicating through a persistent industrial hum. Due to their spinning wings and smooth surface the fans are able to move unpredictably and generate a sense of wonder and playfulness. As the viewer becomes more and more aware of subtle movement and sound fluctuations within the environment, the objects create a dance of close encounters and airy touches. A video loop of a larger fan is projected in the background creating an immersive space and, seemingly, conducting the entire performance.

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