photos: corey rankin (left)

In fear not, 2018 Ferracin reflects about the relationship between weeds and people. The term weed can trigger psychological responses such as fear, disorder, uncontrolled and dirt thus Ferracin eradicates, oxidises, presses and frozen various species of urban weeds found in Culture at Work backyard and surrounding Pyrmont Park and transforms them into precious collectable memorabilia. In fear not, 2018 Ferracin questions what is a plant or a weed by leaving the visitor in between emotional states and playing with dualistic concepts of repulsion and attraction.
fear not objects show myriads of bubbles trapped inside of various squared, rectangular and domed shapes as if the organic matter is realising the last breath of life, in reality this natural phenomenon is due to a chemical process that happens when organic bacteria releases air while hot and cold temperatures meet suddenly together during the settling stages of the encaustic resin.