photos: corey rankin

Akin to the Greek myth of Psyche who tentatively sort life out of chaos, collaborative artists Marta Ferracin and Lisa Tolcher meticulously order and re-order oxidised piles of copper and environmental  Cardiospermum grandiflorum (balloon vine) seeds, respectively. In the order from disorder performance (2018), Ferracin counts and transcribes on paper how many noxious seeds she eradicated from the habitat, while Tolcher cuts patinated copper to estimate how much chemical waste humans accumulate in the environment. Both artists transcribe the number onto paper positioned on the wall to mark human intervention during the “Anthropocene” - the current geologic era characterised by the effect of human activity on the planet. The performance is an extension of the collaborative work  entropy where both artists in their respective practices created localised order from disorder, and vice versa.