photos: eloïse monmirel

coexistence (2019), is an immersive installation that invites the viewer to contemplate how the seemingly incongruous - the ready-made
and organic; the human and nonhuman - coexist, forming a physical synergy.

In this work, Ferracin focuses on the embodiment of materiality by assembling and transforming metallic springs (Slinkys) into
generative, aesthetic sculptures that recall formations of Cunjevoi (Pyura stolonifera), a protected Australian marine species.

In coexistence Ferracin explores concepts of space, agglomeration, form, texture, movement, sound, light and shadow,
merging them into an engaging, embodied experience.

Visitors are invited to walk around the growing mass of “mutant” sculptures within the gallery space, observing how shadow,
light and sound animate them. The use of static and slow-motion rotating lights cast expanding shadows onto the walls and ceiling,
recalling seaside rhythms and reflections where Cunjevoi are found. The bubbling and unpredictable soundscape transports the
audience underwater, directly into the heart of these unique sea squirt creatures where the experimental sounds of water siphons,
cavities and fleeting critters are emitted.

coexistence is a platform for reflection on what it means to be a sentient being in the contemporary world. coexistence immerses
the viewer n an intimate relationship with everyday materiality within a breathing, ephemeral environment where the human and nonhuman
interact and connect.

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